The first real test — Rak TrailO 2021


Alessio Tenani
Bartlomiej Mazan
Really good and easy to use. This system reduces the risk of getting SI in wrong station. From the organizer's point of view it radically reduces equipment for organization PreO events.
Piergiorgio Zancanaro
Easy to use. Very good system
Elvio Cereser
Positive test; very simple and space-saving. Useful the feature for the time measure along the course
Kreso Kerestes
As an organizer who didn.t have a job with the ToePunch system itself, I can say that the system has proven to be very effective. Although the signal under the rock faces is very poor, a walk with a mobile phone past the TP stations was enough to transfer the data. We didn't test the TP stations in rainy weather, but we could cover them with PVC foil. Because only one TP station is sufficient for one control, the system is significantly lighter and cheaper than SportIdent and heavy carousels and programming of a larger number of stations are not required. The purchase price of a set of 7 chips costs less than 1 EUR. I don.t know if the organizer should purchase chip sets for all competitors, or if competitors could have their own sets to register when registering. The chips or TP chip cards were in the paper and plasticized, which is also affordable, but those competitors who had them in their pockets and did not pay special attention to them had already damaged them a bit. Maybe they could be mounted in some harder material, plastic, or something similar. Despite all the advantages, we noticed that there were cases where a competitor placed two chips on a TP station at the same time. Therefore, the competitor must be careful. In case a TP station doesn't work, it is necessary to prepare a control card for some answers with a puncher, but it can also be on the map.
Jana Kostova
I very much appreciated the time check built in the system. It was really very helpful.
A little nightmare was handling all this stuff together - puncher, compass, map, card, SI, toepuncher. I know it was testing so there had to be official punching, too - I think it should be tested at less important competitions maybe..
Important thing - it is necessary to place punching easily accessible for wheelchairs. This time I know conditions were not easy, and organizers tried their best, this is for the future, not to forget ..
Would like to know how others in wheelchairs were seeing the procedures and mainly handling the punchers. Any comments? Fabio Bortolami, Piergiorgio Zancanaro, Francesco Valentini, Pavel Sprynar...
Seemed to me as a good point by Kreso - using some solid harder material - especially in case we will have personal punchers (not sure system allows that but if so, it would be better I think)